Transport Goods Will Be Restricted During the 2023 Eid Mudik Period in East Java

The Head of the East Java Province Transportation Service, Nyono emphasized that during the 2023 Eid Mudik period, there will be restrictions on the transportation of goods. This restriction on the transportation of goods will be enforced on toll and non-toll roads.

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Nyono said that the restrictions will start from the predicted start of mudik period on April 19 at 00.00 and will be carried out on sections of a number of toll roads,starting from the Ngawi-Kertosono Toll Road, Surabaya-Mojokerto Toll Road, Surabaya-Gempol Toll Road, Surabaya-Gresik Toll Road, Gresik-Pandaan Toll Road, Gempol-Pasuruan Toll Road, Pasuruan-Probolinggo Toll Road and Pandaan-Malang Toll Road.

Not only that, restrictions on the transportation of goods are also enforced on non-toll roads starting April 19, 2023, 05.00, until April 21, 2023, at 24.00 WIB. Also, when the return flow starts April 24, 2023, at 05.00 WIB, until April 26, 2023, at 24.00 WIB. Also April 29, 2023 to May 2, 2023.

However, he emphasized that there are several goods transport vehicles that are exempt, namely freight transport that transports fuel, carries export-import goods to seaports, then vehicles that carry bottled water, livestock, fertilizer, postal goods, groceries, vegetables as well as cooking oil.

Nyono further appealed to people who will be going home for Eid to be aware to check the condition of the vehicle and pay attention to driving safety. His department, added Nyono, together with the East Java Regional Police will carry out intense coordination to regulate traffic so that it is not hampered during the Eid homecoming period.


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