Jagat.io by Wishnutama Becomes a Popular Social Media in Taiwan

Jagat.io, an application from Indonesia is currently becoming a hot topic in Taiwan. Based on an explanation from Co-Founder & CEO Co-Founder & CEO of Jagat.io, Barry Beagen, application traffic downloads occurred last week after Jagat updated the system with a new feature, namely social maps.

The increase in download traffic came from South Korea, Romania, and Taiwan. However, the largest traffic comes from Taiwan. Barry explained that the high level of public enthusiasm for the new version of the Jagat social maps app was beyond expectations. Even when the number of users increases, Jagat directs system expansion to avoid overload.

Barry said, “What we are building is a simple social maps app, so here you can add each other, you can see each other, where are the locations. So you have to have friends first, so it will be more interesting if you have lots of friends, so it will be more crowded.”

Jagat is a social media application founded by the Minister of Tourism, Wishnutama and until now he still acts as a mentor.

Jagat.io has a facility focused on sharing locations without having to send them manually. This application only needs to be downloaded, and connected to several friends who want to immediately find out where their location is.

Through various inputs and directions, Jagat continues to improve and evaluate their system. Barry explained, the concept of this application was actually made to be the latest version of a similar application that was born earlier but has been closed, namely Zenly.

For a new feature that is a factor in increasing Jagat.io download traffic, namely the social maps themselves, they were just released on March 27, 2023. Until now, this feature is still slowly being developed.

Barry also explained that since the beginning it has been the company’s vision to make Jagat.io a global product. They hoped that the Jagat.io application can further develop in Indonesia and globally. 

Source: techno.okezone.com 

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