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4 Chinese Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry

Watching Chinese movies with family is an excellent way to relax. What better way to pass the time than by sobbing uncontrollably while watching a movie? It has everything, from high school romances to illness stories, that will undoubtedly leave you overwhelmed. Here is 4 Chinese Movies guaranteed to make you cry:

4 Chinese Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry

1. Better Days

The most “tearjerker” movie on our list is this one. Words are unable to fully convey what a work of art this movie is. Last year, it was nominated for an Oscar for Best International Film. It stars the talented Zhou Dongyu and Yi Yangqianxi.

This film depicts the difficulties that various high school kids confront and how unexpected encounters and acts of kindness may turn the tables. Peer pressure, school bullying, and high educational expectations all result in pure love. 

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2. Present You with a Tiny Red Flower

We all occasionally take life for granted and fail to recognize others’ hardships. It’s important to understand that everyone needs to deal with their own issues. You shouldn’t just decide to stop trying; you should enjoy life.

Your heart will ache as you read about the tragic love between two cancer patients. Unexpected issues put their underlying aspirations in trouble. Undoubtedly another heartbreaking movie worth watching.

3. More Than Blue

This is a Chinese version of the Korean film of the same name. It’s a story about persistence and putting others’ pleasure ahead of your own. At the age of 16, K, a young man, knows he has leukemia and live alone without his family. 

He runs into Cream, a quiet young lady who tragically passed away in a vehicle accident. They overcome hurdles in life and find joy in each other despite their comparable situations. But when K’s condition worsens, their joyful marriage is under danger. 

4. Hear Me

This is one of those classic but excellent movies. The greater part of the movie shows sign language, and it is a lovely story that will bring you to the world of the mute and deaf. The main couple, a delivery boy and a deaf girl, radiates love and concern for one another. 

Their ability to overcome obstacles and achieve their aspirations ignites their pure love. The film teaches you that sometimes words aren’t necessary to express your true feelings.

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