Adeliesa Release “I’m Good Here” About Relationships That End Bitterly

Adeliesa or Amadea Deliesa, new singer-songwriter, just released her second folk-pop single “I’m Good Here”. This comeback from Adeliesa marks her return after collaborating with Biru Baru and eleventwelfth. ( Previously, she had released her first single “Franklin St.” in 2021

Adeliesa said that this song was inspired by a couple of different religions. However, nearing the completion of the song, the lyrics are more of a sign of ending a relationship. “I’m Good Here” tells about a relationship that feels good when it’s carried out but feels bad to walk farther.

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Adeliesa added that the green plastic chair in the cover was chosen because it was always on the terrace of her grandmother’s house. She found it amusing to place these two objects side by side with the relationship having to end briefly. The cover of the single shows two plastic chairs which represent a different ending, in which the two characters in the song grow old together.

Bringing back Dimas Poncodiwiryo as producer and Hanief Bagus as illustrator, “I’m Good Here” is hoped to invite listeners to get to know Adeliesa more closely.

Now, “I’m Good Here” single by Adeliesa can be enjoyed on any music streaming digital. 

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