Jevin Julian ft Kara Chenoa Is on A journey with Their Friends in “the a.m flow”

Jevin Julian, a producer and singer from Jakarta collaborates with Kara Chenoa on his latest song titled ‘the a.m flow’. The song is about a casual hang-out with friends talking about how they got to their point.

“the a.m flow” still has Jevin Julian signature electro dance beats and Kara Chenoa powerful rap, it is a song made for fun. He said that the recording process for this song was just one day, while the whole process took a few weeks because of differing locations.

The video clip was released on the same day and can be enjoyed on Jevin Julian’s YouTube channel. Jevin told us about the meaning of the clip.

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“The red shirt and blue shirt in the video clip are two different people. One is in a bad mood and the other is in a good mood, which can be seen from their facial expressions. The bad mood describes the period of trying, and the good mood describes the period / good results. In the end, they become side by side,” he concluded.

‘the a.m flow’ can already be enjoyed on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia. He hopes this song can reach a wider audience.

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