Good Morning Everyone’s ‘Pengingat’ Alarm to Stay Faithful

Good Morning Everyone takes a different theme from his previous songs, which usually take the theme of sad love and heartbreak. However, this time, the song will be one of the positive songs.  With an arrangement that is not overwhelming, the single “Pengingat” has more of an acoustic feel. Simple chord progressions and nylon guitar leads make this song sound sweet. Sani, Yuli, Daniel, Erwin, and Dhani of Good Morning Everyone music group try to provide a solution with their latest single “Pengingat”.

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There will always be big and small problems in a relationship. However, no matter how big the problem is, as long as it is solved calmly, there must be a way out. The song itself tells a personal story experienced by the author directly and the author’s gratitude for a life partner who faithfully accompanies him on his life journey. “Pengingat” tells about gratitude to a beloved partner who always accepts, who always tolerates shortcomings, forgives mistakes, and has made a lot of sacrifices. Also, this song is a reminder of love, no matter how big the fight is, it will be resolved because basically, we love each other.

Good Morning Everyone hopes that this song serves as a reminder of a couple’s love and loyalty. No matter how big the fight, one thing to realize is that we love each other “And for the best experience, you should listen to this song together with your partner,” Sani said.  

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