Grey Releases New Single to Express Relief after Breakup titled “Content”

Grey released a new single titled “Content.” After enchanting emo and 90s alternative rock lovers in the national music scene last year with “What Blooms Us”, Grey has been writing a new song to make another wave. Grey’s new single “Content” will tell us about the story of a post breakup relief. 

In the process of making this single, the five man group, namely Ivan Fadhilah (vocals), Fildzany Wildan (drums), Mohammad Ghani Farkhan (guitar), Shafa Ashfihany Hari Syahputra (guitar, vocals), Reyhan Rahendra (bass) only spent 2 weeks in the songwriting process. The recording of “Content” also takes place in 3 studios, namely Vamos Records Studio, Virtuoso Music Studio, and SRH HQ. 

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For their new single, Grey gives the single, a title “Content” where the context is a sense of satisfaction when returning alone after a relationship full of tense emotional turmoil. Ivan explained that “Content” means sincere and it emphasizes an expression of spaciousness and acceptance rather than sadness in the post-break up phase.

Despite the quick production process, Grey will not necessarily release the album immediately. To build suspense, Grey plans to release several song materials and video clips before finally arriving at the release of the LP album. They will release 2 new singles and 1 video clip before the album.

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