Dendi Nata Released the Indonesian Version of “Abadi”

Dendi Nata, a solo musician, releases “Abadi”. Dendi works with Hendra Kumbara, a musician well-known in dangdut music. In just 3 weeks since its debut, “Abadi” has gotten a great deal of positive feedback from listeners and widespread social media users.

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Through his sixth single, Dendi Nata tries to bring simplicity through various chord complexities and other components, combined with the presence of Javanese lyrics sung by Hendra Kumbara. No matter how well or poorly we try to ignore the past, Dendi Nata and Hendra Kumbara share the view that it is always a part of our existence. The only things that last forever are memories.

Many listeners living outside Central Java requested that Dendi release “Abadi” in Indonesian with the full lyrics. They want the song to be in Indonesian too because they want to fully feel the song, which is also becoming popular outside Indonesia.

In less than a month, Dendi began producing “Abadi” in its Indonesian form in response to listeners’ requests. Dendi uses old characters from the 1970s and 1980s with an arrangement that differs much from the previous song, “Abadi.”

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