Queens of the Stone Age Released New Album, “In Times New Roman…”

Queens of the Stone Age released their new album, “In Times New Roman…”. This is Queens of the Stone Age’s eighth studio album. This album is rough around the edges, raw, and violent, yet it also has a refinement that becomes stronger as you listen. They produced this album themselves, which Mark Rankin mixed.

Joshua Homme, founder of Queens of the Stone Age, wrote the lyrics, which are more witty and withering than ever. The results are immediately recognizable as QOTSA’s distinctive sound, enlarged and enriched with fresh and unheard-of twists in almost every song.

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‘Emotion Sickness’, the opening track from “In Times New Roman,” affects the listener in a comforting blanket of QOTSA’s hypnotic chorus and chaotic grooves, broken by waves of mental turbulence. Everyone has had a difficult time over the past few years, and it is no secret that members of QOTSA have gone through loss and suffering. 

We can learn from “In Times New Roman…” that sometimes beauty is hidden beneath the scars and scabs, and other times the scars and scabs themselves are the beauty. “Emotion Sickness”, “Obscenery”, “Paper Machete”, “Negative Space”, “Time & Place”, Carnavoyeur”, “What the Peephole Say”, and many more are the tracks on this new album. 


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