Asila Maisa Tells About Surviving a Toxic Relationship in “Angkat Tangan”

Asila Maisa is now presenting her latest work written directly by her entitled “Angkat Tangan”, after successfully making the previous single.

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“Angkat Tangan” is about surviving a toxic relationship in which someone who sincerely loves them has to accept being hurt by their partner. The song with such a deep meaning is so beautiful with a luxurious impression, arranged by a famous Indonesian musician, Andi Rianto.

Asila Maisa wrote the song in early August 2022. She also said that the process was very enjoyable and there was plenty of room for her to explore her creative ideas. Asila said that in this song, she was quite involved in the creative process. She was very happy because according to her, the story raised in this song can really happen in someone’s relationship.

Aside from the music aspect, another interesting aspect of the single “Angkat Tangan” is the music video. The director, Prialangga, also succeeded in showing Asila Maisa’s feelings of disappointment. Taking a theme that is quite unique, Prialangga took several scenes which have a deep meaning. In the creative process for this music video, Asila Maisa was also actively involved and made this work so special for her.

“Angkat Tangan” is officially released on all digital streaming platforms and the music video for “Angkat Tangan” is out on the YouTube channel TheRealAsilaMaisa.

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