DVY Speaks for Balance on First EP “Same As You”

DVY released a work in the form of their first mini album: “Same As You”. Through this work, the duo consists of Jasmine (Vocal/Bass/Guitar/Synth) and Leca (Drums/Sequencer)’s voice balance, harmony in the different phases of human life. 

In accordance with the title, DVY believes that what they experience is also experienced by everyone. This mini album also provides an opportunity for them to realize that many things are seen as different, but in fact are the same.

This mini album contains 5 songs, which are: “Lost Girl”, “Feels Real”, “Pretender”, “It Is You”, and “Spell”, Each song has a different color. The opening track, “Lost Girl”, has an expressive nuance and tells about how they process time and how to respond to things that are in front of them.

The second track, “Feels Real” tells about a girl who has no regrets when she loves someone but will disappear when you get true love. Previously released single: “Pretender” comes third on the album and describes someone who has to pretend and lie in a relationship. 

Next, DVY invites listeners to calm down for a moment through the fourth song entitled “It Is You” which examines whether the people we meet really show their true form or are there other ‘faces’ that we want to appear on other occasions. 

Finally, the “Same As You” EP is sweetly closed by a story about someone’s overthinking which makes it difficult for him to continue and the song is titled “Spell”, which is also the lead single from this album.

This mini album opens up space for DVY to interact more deeply with listeners or other musicians. Responses, input, and support from listeners and fellow musicians who have listened to this EP became a catalyst for both of them to continue creating. DVY also hopes the messages in this mini album can be conveyed properly to listeners. 

DVY also leaked that they were preparing for a tour that would introduce this EP to a wide audience with visuals, instruments and stage designs which they have prepared in June 2023

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