Jevin Julian, Kara Chenoa and Jinan Laetitia Had Epic Collaborations in “The One” by MALIQ & D’Essentials


Jevin Julian, Kara Chenoa and Jinan Laetitia collaborate on a song called “The One” that was an original work from MALIQ & D’Essentials. This song will be the final conclusion for the collaboration project between Warner Music Indonesia with MALIQ & D’Essentials.

In a written interview, the three expressed their disbelief about bringing MALIQ’s song and being given a chance to make it their own version. This version’s “The One” is created by Widi Puradireja and produced by Jevin Julian. They succeeded in interpreting “The One” with their own strong identity and producing a harmony.

The unique voice of Jinan Laetitia will open this song. While Kara Jenoa’s rapping skills will give this song a fresh feeling as well as the main difference to the original one. Combined with Jevin Julian’s brilliance that not only acted as the singer but also the producer, tied the whole thing together. It makes it so pleasant to hear while dancing.

Previously five other single hits from MALIQ have been remade by Warner Music Indonesia’s artist, which is “Menari” by Mirriam Eka, “Untitled” by Rahmania Astrini, “Dia” by Eclat, “Terdiam” by Chintya Gabriella, and “Heaven” by Rafi Sudirman. Now “The One” can be enjoyed on all digital streaming platforms in Indonesia.

Jevin Julian is a singer, songwriter and producer that began his journey by beatboxing in Indobeatbox. He is well known for his catchy beats that are famous in the music industry. Jinan Laetitia is a multitalent young woman that produces her own songs from end-to-end. She has also written many songs that got a lot of positive feedback from a lot of big musician names in Indonesia.

Kara Chenoa is a singer and songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia. Kara notably has released quite a number of singles and tracks while collaborating with many artists. One of the collaborations, which is with Raisa that got them recognition from the AMI Awards.


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