4 Facts about In The Name Of God: A Holy Betrayal Currently Trending On Netflix

In The Name Of God : A Holy Betrayal is a new Netflix documentary series that is trending right now. It tells us about the dark story of cults that are happening in South Korea. This series has been airing since March 3, 2023 and it has received many differing opinions from various sides. Here are some facts about In The Name Of God : A Holy Betrayal that you might not know.

  1. Based On A True Story

As the film is a documentary series on Netflix, it tells us the true story of what has happened. This show is adapted from the story of four different heretical cults that caused a stir in South Korea. The four cults are called Providence (Christian Gospel Mission), Five Oceans (Odaeyang), Baby Garden, and Manmin Central Church. Different informants who once joined the cult were being interviewed to create this Netflix documentary series.

  1. Showed The Dark Side Of South Korea

All this time, we always see the beauty of South Korea in K-dramas or K-movies. However, In The Name Of God : A Holy Betrayal chose a different route. It showed a side that many people have not seen or clueless about. Here, viewers can see directly the various crimes and cruelty of a cult leader in South Korea. 

  1. Many of The Fans Can’t Bear To Watch It

Many fans on social media showed their opinion on the series about how they can’t even finish the first episode. As the first 10 minutes into the series, it already showed us one of the many cruel acts. Not only that, throughout the whole show, it is packed with graphic stories. Even though the producer, Cho Sung Hyun said that it only contains 1/10 or 10% of the actual crime reportedly being committed.

  1. Sued By One Of The Sects Involved In the Series

In The Name Of God : A Holy Betrayal was once having trouble being aired in its producing nation, South Korea. As one of the active cults called The Providence sued the show. They sued because they claimed that In The Name Of God : A Holy Betrayal  violates “the principle of presumption of innocence” and undermines religious freedom. It was said that The Providence was losing IDR 50 Billion or USD 3.2 Million each episode. The Seoul Western District Court ruled out the claim and said that MBC and Netflix seem to have created the show based on a large amount of objective and subjective material that support it.

Source: CNN Indonesia


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