4 Indonesian Movies Premieres at 2023 Eid Holidays

The Eid holiday is still a moment contested by film producers. Just like the great success of the film “KKN di Desa Penari” last year, it is proven that many people spend their Eid holidays at the cinema. Some films also get quite high audience figures when they are shown during the Eid holidays.

So, what films will be shown to accompany this Eid holiday in 2023? Let’s take a look at the films that will air on this year’s Eid holiday.

4 Indonesian Movies Premieres at 2023 Eid Holidays

1. Buya Hamka

This movie is a collaborative movie between Falcon Pictures and Starvision Plus. Starring Vino G. Bastian, this film will tell the story of Buya Hamka’s struggle in Muhammadiyah to uphold Islam through his romantic writings, to his struggle for Indonesian independence. Later, this movie will be divided into three volumes, and the first volume was released on April 19, 2023.

2. Sewu Dino

MD Pictures tries to repeat its success last year with the same strategy. They released a film adaptation of Simpleman’s writings during the Eid holidays on April 20 2023. In this movie, Mikha Tambayong, Rio Dewanto, and Marthino Lio are in the roles.

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3. Khanzab

The next horror treat comes from Khanzab by Dee Company. This movie directed by Anggy Umbara will tell about the massacre of witchcraft shamans in Banyuwangi in 1998. This movie will also mark the return of Tika Bravani after a five-year absence.

4. Jin and Jun The Movie

The next movie is Jin and Jun The Movie which is a movie adaptation of the popular soap opera Jin and Jun in the 1990s. This movie will present a more modern Jin, played by Dwi Sasono. Rey Bong will also play Jun in this movie. This movie started airing on April 19, 2023.

Source: Kompas

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