4 Facts About Sewu Dino Movie, Ready to Haunt You This Holiday!

The latest Indonesian horror film, “Sewu Dino”, is ready to haunt you this month. This horror story is no less popular than the KKN di Desa Penari, which was first shown on the big screen.

Before watching the film, let’s look at 4 facts about “Sewu Dino”!

Adopted based on Twitter thread: @SimpleMan

The thread from @simpleman has been attracting attention since last year. Until now, there have been 2 stories from this account that have been made into the big screen. Just like KKN di Desa Penari, Sewu Dino also came from a Twitter thread written by @simpleman.

Sewu Dino is another thread from the account which will be visualized again through feature films. This film is also believed to be much scarier than before.

Starring famous actors and actresses

The actors and actresses who participated in the film Sewu Dino also attracted the public, because this film starred top actors and actresses, one of whom was Mikha Tambayong as the main character who played the character Sri.

Apart from that, there is also Rio Dewanto who plays a man named Sugik, Marthino Lio as Sabda Kuncoro, Karina Suwandi as Karsa Atmojo, Della Atmojo’s character played by Gisella Firmansyah and Maryam Suprana as Yu Minah.

Raise the story of black magic

Sewu Dino tells a story of a village woman named Sri who wants to work outside the city because it is considered more profitable. However, during the selection process, Sri felt that the questions asked to the applicants were quite strange.

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Even so, Sri managed to escape and was placed in the Atmojo family’s house. However, it turned out that Sri was chosen by the Atmojo family because she was born on Friday Kliwon.

Sri’s job is to look after Della, the daughter of the Atmojo family who is seriously ill due to witchcraft. Sri was chosen as the nurse because her birthday was related to the ritual of cleansing Della’s inner witchcraft.  

Works by Kimo Stamboel 

Kimo Stamboel is a successful director with the horror films Ivanna (2022) and Ratu Seni Hitam (2019). Spooky to bloody scenes are the hallmark of the director. This further convinced the public that the Sewu Dino film would be far more sinister and horrifying.

Those are 4 interesting facts from the Sewu Dino film. This film will be shown starting April 19th, 2023 and the pre-sale tickets are now available via the Tix-id online application.

Source: rakyatbengkulu.disway.id 

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