Android Releases New Features for Your Phone Memory

Android operating system has new features that can make your device more memory efficient. Technically, this feature can free up and manage cell phone storage space. That feature is auto-archive or automatic archiving.

This auto-archive feature will allow cellphones to automatically archive applications that are rarely used by cellphone users. That way, the phone will have plenty of space for other apps without having to uninstall old apps.

In the official Android Developers blog, Chang Liu and Lidia as Google Play Product Managers, said that the auto-archive feature is an easy way to manage device storage on cell phones for users.

This new feature will also be a great way for app makers to reduce the chances of their apps being uninstalled by users.

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According to them, uninstalling the entire application including all user application data is not necessary.

The role of the auto-archive feature when activated by the user will automatically free up to nearly 60% of the application’s storage space, without having to delete the application or user data from the device.

Users can enjoy the auto-archive feature by trying to install a new application when the device runs out of storage space, then a pop-up window will appear asking if the user wants to activate the auto-archive feature. Then, the user can choose to activate which later applications that are not used will be archived automatically.

If the user wants to use an archived application, they can re-download the application and use it again immediately because user data is not deleted.

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