Alibaba Introduces Tongyi Qianwen, an AI Model Almost Same as GPT

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. on April 11 announced that they launched Tongyi Qianwen, a GPT-like AI grand language model that it plans to incorporate into all of the company’s business applications soon.

The AI will be integrated into DingTalk or Alibaba’s workplace messaging app and can be used to organize meeting notes, compile business proposals and write emails. It will also be added to Alibaba’s voice assistant namely Tmall Genie.

Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba group said that they are at a defining moment of technology driven by generative AI and cloud computing, and businesses in various sectors have started to engage in intelligence transformation to stay ahead. Moreover, Alibaba shares also reportedly rose 3 percent in morning trading.

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Alibaba Cloud is planning to open Tongyi Qianwen to their clients with the aim that they can build their own customized large language model.

Global interest and concern for generative AI, which learns how to take action from past data to create new content, has surged since the emergence of ChatGPT or the chatbot sensation by Microsoft-backed OpenAI late last year.

For more, Google Alphabet Inc dan Baidu Inc have promoted their own AI model and released similar chatbot.

Tongyi Qianwen is based on Tongyi which is Alibaba’s trained models framework that combines various AI models.

Source: CNA

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