Introducing Ren, a TV Announcer Who Turns Out To Be an AI

China’s news channel People’s Daily “hired” artificial intelligence (AI) to host non-stop news coverage. The virtual host, quoted from Weibo, has the appearance of a young woman named Ren Xiaorong. She was wearing a black jacket and her shoulder-length hair was tucked behind her ears. Ren also admits to leveraging the professional expertise of “thousands of newsreaders”.

So far, the virtual anchor is not a competitor to GPT Chat, the platform created by OpenAI. Ren’s only role has been to provide predetermined or pre-programmed answers to questions about the “Two-Sessions” political conference. Users can select one of four optional questions related to the conference, and Ren will provide general answers based on information or messages from the central government.

One can cycle through different sets of questions. However, users cannot type their messages to Ren. Netizens on Weibo warmly welcomed Ren despite her limited abilities. Ren has now joined a small group of digital AI-based newscasters in China. The former debuted on the Xinhua news agency in 2018.

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While discussions on AI in 2023 focus on content creation, the key features of the Xinhua project are digital anchor voices, facial expressions, and the ability to accurately mimic human speech patterns.

Another Chinese digital newsreader named Xin Xiaomeng debuted in 2019. China is currently in a race to find a GPT Chat challenger. an AI-powered chatbot that “disrupts” the convenience of the industry. Baidu, one of the most used search engines in China, says it has developed an artificial intelligence-based chatbot called “Ernie”.

Despite promises that Ernie is almost done, last week’s Baidu presentation only showed off a pre-recorded video of Ernie’s capabilities. According to Reuters, Baidu shares plummeted due to poor performance. Representatives for the People’s Daily did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Source: CNN Indonesia

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