Hijab Easily Wrinkled When Stored? Take a Look at These 5 Tips for You!

Hijab is a veil that is used to cover the head for Moslem women. Besides being used to covering, hijab is also used to express personality and add beauty. For hijab users, the problem that is often faced is that the hijab is easily wrinkled. A wrinkled hijab will be uncomfortable to use and will look untidy. That’s why you need to check out some of the following tips to keep your hijab so that your hijab doesn’t get wrinkled easily

  1. Save Hijab Separately

In order to make the hijab not wrinkle easily, the first step you can do is not to stack hijabs one on top of the other because it can make the hijabs tangled and difficult to tidy up. It’s best if you store your hijabs separately from one another, you can use a special storage area for hijabs.

  1. Use Hanger to Organize Hijab

To keep the shape of the hijab from getting tangled and easy to tidy up when you are going to wear it, you can use a hijab hanger or clothes hanger to store your hijab. Use a hanger with a material that is not rough so it won’t cause damage to your hijab.

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  1. Try Not to Save Your Hijab in Humid Places

When you store the hijab in a humid place, your hijab will smell bad and become dampy. It’s better for you to store the hijab in a dry place and not exposed to direct sunlight.

  1. Save In A Special Hijab Shelf

Using a special hijab shelf can help so that your hijab is not easy to be special, a special hijab shelf is specially designed so that you can organize and maintain the shape of the hijab properly.

  1. Avoid Folding Hijab with the Same Form of Folds

Folding the hijab with the same folds will make the hijab wrinkled and difficult to tidy up, change the method of folding the hijab by changing the position of the hijab folds for each storage.

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