Fashion Guide for Curvy Women: Dress Like A Style Star!

Women who’ve got curves may struggle to find styles that suit their body proportions. Being a curvy woman forces you to face the fitting room queues to try everything before purchasing it, because the “all size” on the racks doesn’t really fit you. If you’ve been dealing with the same fit issue, here’s simple clothing tips to rock your looks in more suitable garbs!

  1. Go for fitted clothes that define your figure. Shift tops and A-line or fit-flare dresses can be your perfect choices for fashion.
  2. Steer clear of soft, flimsy, and clingy materials like knits and jersey to aim less round silhouette. 
  3. Avoid oversized clothes. Although baggy clothes can cover up parts you don’t want to draw attention to, they won’t make your curves look smaller or slimmer, in fact, they make you appear larger.
  4. Wear straight leg jeans and pick a darker color. They help you to appear taller and slimmer.
  5. Enhance your look with belts. They will create the illusion of your waistline and emphasize your curves.
  6. Pick collared shirts and dresses, particularly the pointed, high, and stiff ones. Collars keep your neckline to look sharper.


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