5 Outfit Tips To Make You Look Taller

Many people still lack confidence because of their height. However, the problem of height can be overcome by the illusion of the clothes you wear.  Here are 5 tips and recommendations that can inspire your OOTD to make you look taller:

5 Outfit Tips To Make You Look Taller

1. Vertical Lines Motif

If clothes with horizontal stripes make the body look fuller, then vertical works the other way around. Clothing with vertical stripes gives the illusion of a slimmer and taller body. 

This is because parallel lines make things look slimmer. Therefore, wearing clothes that fit straight down lines will give the illusion of a slim and tall body.

2. High Waist Pants and Crop Top

High waist pants are pants with a fairly high cut, even up to the waist and getting smaller or tighter at the bottom. This type of pants gives the illusion as if your legs are very long and your body will automatically look taller when you wear them.

High waist pants are usually combined with a crop top. With crop tops that are above the stomach, combined with pants that reach above the waist will give the illusion of longer legs.

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3. Monochrome color

Did you know? Colored clothes tend to make the body look smaller. On the other hand, clothing in monochromatic colors gives a cohesive look that unconsciously makes our eyes look up and down. 

Therefore, wearing clothes with monochromatic colors that match or are the same from top to bottom will give the impression of a taller body. You can also use one piece items like jumpsuits.

4. Small Pattern Clothes

Wearing clothes with large prints will make you look fuller and give the illusion of a smaller body. Conversely, clothes with small prints will make your body look bigger. You can choose various types of items, such as blouses or mini dresses.

5. Pointed Heels

Pointed heels make the legs look longer and slimmer so they greatly affect the overall appearance. In addition, additional heels of about 2-3 cm will increase height. Apart from the type of heels, you also need to consider the color.  To perfect a simple, classic, chic and elegant look, you should choose neutral colors, such as beige, which are similar to skin color.

Those are 5 outfit tips to achieve a taller look. You can style your hair and do simple makeup to complete the look. 

Source: id.theasianparent.com, tagar.id 

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