This Is How Climate Change Contributes to Extreme Weather

Climate change has been a serious issue discussed. Since the beginning of the industrial period, emissions from fossil fuel combustion have trapped heat in the atmosphere. The heat trapping caused by emission results in temperature rise. In addition to that, we have seen natural disasters caused by extreme weather, such as floods, heavy storms, and wildfires as the result of climate change. Then, how does climate change contribute to extreme weather?

  1. Extreme heat

Hot air is driven down and locked in place in an area of high pressure, causing temperatures to surge across an entire continent. The new climate’s curve is touching extreme hot weather. The extreme hot weather causes heatwave that occurs in several countries. In Pakistan and India, the hottest temperature is 49℃. This summer heat starts earlier and extends amounts of time with more intensity. Onslow in Western Australia noted their highest temperature ever, hitting 50.7℃. 

  1. Constant drought 

As a consequence of the heatwave, droughts come more continuous. Rain falls less, making the ground dry and water supplies to be limited. The heat also makes the ground hotter, giving more intense heat from up and down. 

  1. Wildfires comes often

In recent decades, the frequency of big wildfires has increased considerably. As the ground is dry and the rain rarely falls, the possibility of wildfire to occur is high. Fire can spread faster on dry substances.  The wild and rapid fire spreading creates their own weather system called pyrocumuloniumbus clouds that produce lightning and worsen the wildfire. 

  1. Extreme rainfall 

The heat helps the evaporation occur in the water cycle. However, the constant heat will make the evaporation happen more often, causing rainfall to come heavier. The intense heavy rainfall will become extreme rainfall and cause big floods. We have seen heavy rainfalls and deadly floods occurring in Indonesia, giving a real picture of how climate change is worsening the weather. 


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