Why GPT-4 is Smarter and Better than ChatGPT

OpenAI was finally launching their latest model of language artificial intelligence (AI) called GPT-4. While it has the same principle as ChatGPT, it has its own difference. There are 4 different aspects that made GPT-4 is superior compared to ChatGPT.

Picture Detector

GPT-4 is not only designed as a language model, but now it has become a multimodal model. As the latest model, it can detect a picture and describe the picture. Users can input the command in a form of text and pictures and GPT-4 will describe or respond in a form of text. While it seems awesome, the feature is in trials and not accessible to the general.

Safer Response

ChatGPT is known for one of its major issues: alarming response. There are several examples such as error codes, inaccurate information and perilous advice. This could be dangerous towards the user if it keeps continuing further.

Due to this, OpenAI has invited several experts to train the latest version. Now GPT-4 is able to reject a harmful response that’s given by adding more safer answers. OpenAI; moreover, claim with this upgrade the tendency for GPT-4 to give harmful responses has been lowered. Compared to the ChatGPT, it has a lower percentage up to 82 percent. T

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Longer Conversation

One of the highlighted updates from GPT-4 is the longer conversation. GPT-4 now can load large amounts of conversation with users. The maximum amount of the conversation is approximately 25,000 words. Compared to the previous version, GPT-4 can hold eight times as much.

Better Understanding of Language

Another aspect that makes GPT-4 have the upper hand is the better understanding of language. OpenAI has done a lot of testing on GPT-4 as a way to provide different answers in different languages. GPT-4 has shown to be able to exceed ChatGPT in terms of language comprehension. Evidently from the 26 languages tested, GPT-4 has better understanding of 24 languages. The highest one is English.

More expressive Response

Last but not least, GPT-4 provides a more expressive response. OpenAI explains that in GPT-4, the users can manage the tone of conversation as they wish. With this, GPT-4 proved to be better since it is more humane than its actual aspect as AI and thus why GPT-4 is superior compared to ChatGPT

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