Randoseru, A Fashionable Japanese Children’s Bag With Many Unique Features

Have you ever noticed Nobita’s bag in the Doraemon movie? This box-shaped backpack that looks simple turns out to be a bag that is required by the Japanese government for school children there. Why so?

This leather backpack is called randoseru (ランドセル). The use of the randoseru backpack has a long history in Japan, and it remains a popular item of school gear for elementary school children in Japan today.

Fun Facts about randoseru:

  1. Introduced by the Dutch for the Japanese Military

Randoseru has been around since 1603-1868. The name comes from the Dutch, which was later adjusted to the Japanese pronunciation and become Randoseru

  1. Designed according to the structure of the human body

Professionals designed the bag by considering the shape of the human body with a pad on the back so that the spine remains straight and straight. This will remain safe and comfortable for use by children.

  1. Designed with security features

This bag is equipped with a GPS that connects directly to parents. This feature makes it easier for parents to monitor their child’s condition from home.

Even cooler, children can press the security button in the bag which will be directly connected to the local police in dangerous situation.

This bag can also be used to protect the head during an earthquake and as a life jacket during a flood.

  1. Comes in various colors and motifs

Not only complete with various features and quality materials, Randoseru also has a variety of colors and motifs that are attractive to children. 

The trend of Randoseru in Japan is increasingly popular not only in their home country, Japan, but also in various countries. Apart from its function as a necessity for schools, randoseru is now also a must-have fashion item used by adults and well-known models. The price is expensive but the price is worth it for the quality. 

source: we-xpats

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