4 Mistakes Using Hair Oil Making Your Hair Greasy

Using hair oil is one of the steps in hair care that is often done. In addition to making hair more shiny, hair oil is also able to overcome hair loss, accelerate hair growth, and strengthen hair roots. However, excessive use of hair oil can actually make your hair greasy. Here are some mistakes you need to avoid when using hair oil for your hair care.

4 Mistakes Using Hair Oil

1. Using Hair Oil when Having Dandruff

When your hair is suffering from dandruff, using hair oil worsens it due to dry buildup on the scalp. Therefore, it is recommended that you use products specifically for dandruff hair.

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2. Using Hair Oil Overnight

Some recommend using hair oil overnight. However, it turns out that using it overnight can attract dirt to the scalp and clog pores. Ideally, the best time using hair oil is 3-4 hours before washing your hair.

3. Using too Much Hair Oil

Using too much hair oil can make your washing time longer. Residual oil in your hair can also clog your pores and make your hair greasy. Instead, use enough hair oil because using excess hair oil will not get extra benefits.

4. Tying Your Hair

Tying hair after using hair oil can easily damage hair strands. For more, your hair can also cause split ends and hair loss if not careful when using it. 

Source: CNN Indonesia

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