5 Tips to Survive a Heat Wave Without AC

The last two weeks have been exceptionally severe for large areas of Asia. Some parts in Indonesia even touch 35+ degrees Celsius. Acclimatization offers us an explanation as to why it is so dangerous since a body adjusted to the heat knows how to sweat. Being unprepared for the heat can be more dangerous than the heat itself. Using Air Conditioner or AC might be a solution to heat wave, but here are 5 tips to survive a heat wave without AC:

5 tips to survive heat wave without AC

1. Use the cooling power of water to chill you off.

The first way to survive a heat wave without AC is to fill buckets with water and bathe your feet. Wet towels and bandannas, when worn on the shoulders or head, can have a cooling effect. Take cool baths or showers, and use a spray bottle with cold water to spritz yourself with refreshing air throughout the day.

2. Go down the steps.

The higher floors of a house will be warmer than the ground floor because hot air rises. When it’s hot outside, a basement might be an enjoyable escape to survive a heatwave without AC.

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3. Get rid of extra heat sources.

Both incandescent light bulbs and running computers or appliances can produce extra heat. Consume fresh foods that do not require the use of an oven or stove to prepare.

4. Stay hydrated

When it’s hot outside, you should drink more water than you normally would. If you’re sweating a lot, you should replace your electrolytes as well. You can do this by consuming electrolyte replacement drinks or by eating a small quantity of food and drinking water. Dehydration begins with thirst, so you should begin drinking enough fluids before you experience thirst as a way to avoid being dehydrated.

5. Avoid consuming large, protein-heavy meals.

For a while, avoiding large, protein-rich meals can be a solution. To survive a heat wave without AC, we should not eat protein-heavy meals excessively. This type of meal may warm the body by increasing metabolic heat.

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