Reasons Why Spending Time Alone Can Be Beneficial at Times

Many people are afraid of spending time alone. At the same time, the distinction between isolation and loneliness is sometimes misconstrued. On social media, we typically associate happiness with excitement, enthusiasm, and energisation. From that vantage point, solitude is sometimes confused with loneliness.

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Loneliness is defined by psychologists as a troubled emotion we experience when we do not have, or are unable to obtain, the type of social connections or interactions we desire. Solitude is distinct. While people’s definitions of solitude may differ, it’s worth noting that for many, being alone does not necessarily imply being alone. Instead, many people can and do find solitude in public places, whether it’s sipping a cup of tea in a crowded cafe or reading a book in a park. 

What are the benefits of solitude?

Many people believe that only introverts prefer being alone. However, while introverts may prefer to be alone, they are not the only ones who can benefit from solitude. In a poll of over 18,000 adults from around the world, more than half named isolation as one of the most important things they do for relaxation. So, if you are an extrovert, don’t let this prevent you from seeking solitude to unwind.

It can be challenging to sit with your thoughts. The difficult aspect of spending time alone is that it might be monotonous and lonely at times. Many people find sitting with their thoughts challenging and prefer to do anything else. Indeed, forcing yourself to sit and do nothing can make alone time less enjoyable. So you might prefer to engage in some sort of activity during your time alone.

However, the decision to do the tedious task stems from a desire to keep busy when no one else is around to occupy our mental space. So, if you find yourself scrolling on your device whenever you have a few moments alone, you are not alone. Be kind with yourself. Many people use scrolling to relieve stress and boredom. Some people prefer to spend their alone time performing regular activities such as grocery shopping or laundry. 


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