5 Manicure Types That Are Commonly Done

Nail care or manicure is a way for women to spend their free time. Manicure is usually done to clean and beautify the nails and the skin around them. However, nail care consists of several types that you need to consider and adjust by your daily activities.

Here are 5 types of nail care that are commonly done:

1.   Basic Manicure

Basic Manicure is the most basic and commonly known nail treatment. This type of nail treatment focuses on relaxing and shaping the nails. Many people like basic manicures because it’s fast and simple. However, the nail polish used is usually normal nail polish so it doesn’t last long.

This treatment starts with applying cuticle cream, then hands are soaked in a tub of warm water for 5 minutes, followed by removing the cuticles, cutting, filing and shaping the nails.

2.   Gel Manicure

Gel manicure is the most basic type and is suitable for those of you who don’t like to sit for long in the salon or are too lazy to go to the salon regularly. This is because it use special paint that is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light so it lasts a long time. (https://hhcdropshipping.com) In addition, this type of treatment is also relatively fast.

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3.   Acrylic Manicure

This is a solution for those of you who have rough nail surfaces. Acrylic itself is a mixture of liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer) that works to create a solid layer of nails.

This type of manicure can also add length to your nails and is a great canvas for creativity. However, keep in mind that acrylic nails easily come off when used for daily activities that are quite strenuous.

4.   French Manicure

This type of nail treatment is done by giving your nails a light translucent color that ends with a bright white tip. French manicure is suitable for those of you who like classic styles and make your fingers look longer.

5.   American Manicure

American manicures are actually very similar to French manicures. The difference between the two is in the choice of color and shape of the nails. American manicures usually use neutral colors and are curved or round. This is why American manicures look smoother and more natural.

Those are the 5 most common manicure types. Among the five types above, which one do you like or are interested in trying? Don’t forget to consider the shape of your nails and your daily activities before making your choice.

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