4 Popular 90s Styling Trends Making A Major Comeback

90s styling trends are becoming a current trend in the beauty industry. Along with the revival of ’90s and early 2000s fashion trends in fashion and make-up, some of the biggest influencers and celebrities, including Bella Hadid, Megan Thee Stallion, Miley Cyrus, and many more, shared their posts with inspiring classic styling. Here are 4 common 90s styles making a comeback and better than ever.

  1. Frosted Eyeshadow

The standard for hot girls was to have pigmented icy blue colors all over their eyelids. Back in the day, major celebrities including JLo, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, and Angelina Jolie all loved to wear icy eyeshadow. These 90s styling trends of silvery-blue pastels are making a comeback in 2022, beautifully shaped and more pigmented than ever. More blue, less shimmer.

  1. Claw Clips

Enjoy that casual vibe with claw clips—the ideal item for keeping your hair in place while still looking fashionable.What is the most special about them? You can wear them with any outfit, from sweatpants to the grocery store to a fancy brunch with the girls in a silk slip dress with heels.

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  1. Space Buns

Try out some little space buns to express your creative side with your hair! This one of 90s styling trends is making a comeback thanks to Zo Kravitz, Kiko Mizuhara, and others for a fun yet stylish everyday appearance. What makes buns so great? There is no wrong way to style them. With little hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray, you can create a simple yet unique hairdo.

  1. Dark Lip

Darker matte lip colors like browns and maroons were popular in the 1990s. Some models, like Cindy Crawford, Christina Ricci, and others, loved to wear these matte lip colors. The lip intensified the menacing look when paired with a light foundation color and smokey, vampire-like makeup. This year, cosmetic brands are following 90s styling trends and creating more lipstick lines with deeper colors to revive the look of gothic makeup.

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