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4 Reasons Why Our Hair Can’t Grow Longer

Having long and healthy hair is what everyone wants. However, to get that hair, we have to take good care of our hair. Starting from consuming foods that are good for hair, routinely massaging the head area, even cutting the branched hair part. Unfortunately, some people have to experience hair that takes time to grow.

4 ways of how to get healthy hair

  1. Lack of Nutrition

Lack of nutrition does not only have an impact on our bodies, but also on hair growth. When you have a lack of vitamins A, C, D, E, B, zinc, biotin, and protein, hair growth can be hampered. Not only that, lack of nutrition can also make your hair fall out easily. Increase the consumption of vitamins and foods that are good for your hair health.

  1. Often Use Styling Tools

Although it helps our hair to be more beautiful, too often using styling tools can inhibit hair growth. Hair exposed to styling tools with hot temperatures can cause the cuticles to lose their natural moisture. That’s why our hair will grow longer and even damage our natural hair.

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  1. Hormones

When our body produces hormone deficiency and excess, the potential for someone to have a disease related to the PCOS hormone is also higher. Unbalanced hormones can affect hair growth, even causing hair loss.

  1. Often Do Coloring Hair

Dyeing hair is one of the things that is often done to get a refreshing new look. However, coloring your hair too often can inhibit hair growth. (Ultram) This can happen because the hair loses protein. Protein has benefits in strengthening the hair shaft, hair growth, giving shine to the hair, even dandruff-free hair.

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