4 Travel Spots in Derawan Island, An Island on the New Design of 20,000 Cash

Bank Indonesia (BI) officially launched the new design of bank notes from IDR 1.000 to IDR 100.000 on August 18th, 2022. In the new design of 20.000 rupiahs, it shows the Derawan Island and Dr. G.S.S.J. Ratulangi as the pictures. It’s not a coincidence that Derawan Island appears there. Derawan Island lies in East Kalimantan province and has stunning natural scenery which is as amazing as Raja Ampat Islands. Not many people know about Derawan Island which is a nice alternative destination for nature traveling. So, here are 4 travel spots in Derawan Island that are worth visiting.

  1. Freshwater Lake in Kakaban Island

Freshwater Lake in Kakaban Island becomes popular due to the existence of thousands of stingless freshwater jellyfish. Interestingly, the freshwater jellyfish can only be seen in 2 places in the world and one of those places is Kakaban Island. This condition allows us to swim and interact with jellyfish without getting stung. From Derawan Island, it takes 1 hour by boat and we must climb up the wooden stairs before arriving there. The perfect time to go there is in the morning since there aren’t many visitors yet.

  1. Manta Point in Derawan Island

Derawan Island has so many snorkeling destinations that are popular among countries. One of them is Manta Point which offers the experience of swimming with Manta Rays, giant stingrays that weigh up to 3 tons. Although it looks scary, Manta Rays aren’t dangerous animals. In Indonesia, we can only see Manta Rays in 3 places: Sangalaki Island, Derawan Island, and Komodo Island. Besides swimming with Manta Rays, we can enjoy the beauty of coral reefs in clear water.

  1. Maratua Island

People can visit one of the islands in Derawan Archipelago which is famous for its beautiful scenery and beach. Maratua Island is a small island that is also known as  “Indonesia’s Maldives”. (Tramadol) The island is surrounded with beautiful trees, white sand and blue sea gradation which often becomes a tourist destination to get amazing photos. Moreover, Maratua Island has many snorkeling spots and famous lakes such as Haji Buang Lake and Tanah Bamban Lake.

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  1. Unique Culinary in Derawan Island

When visiting Derawan Island, don’t forget to enjoy special food in Derawan Island. There are Tehe-Tehe, Kima-Kima, and Elai fruit.Tehe-Tehe is processed glutinous rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan using sea urchin shells. Kima-Kima is salted and dried sea shells. Elai fruit is a typical fruit of the Derawan Islands which has a shape resembling a durian with unique taste.

Seeing these 4 recommendations in Derawan Islands, there’s no doubt to miss this island in the vacation list. With easy access within the country and endless natural beauty, Derawan Island can be a consideration for people to spend time with their beloved ones.


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