Airliftz wears his heart on his sleeve with the release of emotional trap-soul single, “Honest”

Airliftz “Honest”

Emerging R&B/Hip Hop star, Airliftz, releases his second single with RedRecords titled “Honest”. A heartfelt ode to being vulnerable in times of uncertainty, Airliftz’s latest single beckons listeners to take a step back and find the courage to ask for what they really want in a romantic relationship. A project that features darker undertones, “Honest” marks the maturity of Airliftz’s storytelling as he ventures deeper into the art of crafting songs that stand the test of time.

“Honest” is characterised by contrast and juxtaposition; a central theme fashioned into the age-old story of trying to reconcile an ailing relationship. Afraid of being confronted with a lack of reciprocity, the song’s lyrics dictate a battle between the fear of coming to grips with making the wrong decision and putting aside apprehension in pursuit of love. Set in motion by its pensive, muted pads accented with guitar, the contrast between dark, more subdued melodic elements in the background and punchy, lively rhythmic elements in the foreground speaks to the slew of conflicting emotions swirling within the human psyche.

As young as he is, the up and coming 23 year old artist from Kajang’s stalwart presence in Malaysia’s music scene is beginning to cement itself as Airliftz’s growth as an artist traverses leaps and bounds. Expanding the range of his discography to include everything from the fun, light-hearted party favourites the “Bagel” era yielded back in 2017, to the fully fledged pop-punk smash, “NOT TODAY”, which made its long anticipated debut earlier this year. Self-produced by Airliftz himself alongside collaborators, Ian Koren and Iggy, “Honest” prefaces the artist’s venture into new creative territory.

The track’s accompanying visual components, conceived and executed in collaboration with budding multimedia and creative firm – déniche, depict disorienting scenes indicative of inner conflict and confusion. With its erudite use of colour, contrast, and texture, the “Honest” music video tells a story of tortured lovers; marred by an endying love for one another that has become masked by acts of betrayal and deceit. However, in an attempt to reclaim his lost love, the protagonist finds himself face-to-face with a shocking discovery…


A 23-year old Kajang boy with big dreams, Airliftz’s star burns as bright as his spirit. Equal parts rapper and singer, Airliftz has graduated from humble beginnings as a bedroom musician (first finding an audience and outlet on social platforms such as Twitter and SoundCloud as a teenager, posting original music and freestyle videos of him rapping) to a full-blown superstar on the rise.

Over the course of his six year career, Airliftz only continued to demolish any and all foreseeable expectations and limitations. Adamant about staying true to himself and driven by the desire to connect with people through his music, Airliftz keeps both his feet steadily planted on the ground and his eyes on the prize; relentlessly moving forward in pursuit of his dreams.

2022 sees Airliftz begin an exciting new beginning. Propelling his ascent to newer heights, Airliftz has signed with RedRecords, an innovative label partnership – forged jointly by AirAsia Group, a leading travel and lifestyle company within Asia Pacific and Universal Music Group (UMG), the world leader in music-based entertainment – focused on signing, developing and breaking new Asian artists and elevating ‘ASEAN-pop’ (‘A-pop’) globally to new audiences throughout the region and around the world. Airliftz is RedRecords’s first Malaysian artist, signed to their expanding roster of ASEAN talent.


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