4 Tricks to Make Cookies Dough As Pretty As Eid al Fitr

Apart from serving opor and rendang, people also serve cookies. Some of you might have also started trying to make this delicacies for Eid. For those who are making cookies for the first time, failure can happen. One of them is the shape could become wide and unpleasant after baking.

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Here are 4 tricks to make your cookies appealing

1. Roast the Flour 

Flour is the main key in making cookies. You can roast the flour that will be used. For those who use sago flour as the main ingredient, roast it over low heat for about 7 minutes. Roasting flour makes the texture lighter and drier. The result can make the cookie dough more sturdy.

2. Don’t Make the Cookies Dough Too Wet

Wet dough can be marked by dough that sticks to your hands. In order for the cookies to be maximum and beautiful when baked, the dough should not be sticky. (Alprazolam) To prevent the dough from sticking to your hands, it is important to arrange all the ingredients so that they are evenly distributed.

3. Just Stir the Dough for a While

Kneading this kind of dough is not the same as kneading cilok dough. Cookie dough doesn’t have to be too muchly kneaded. 

4. Choose Frozen Butter or Margarine

Solid or frozen butter or margarine can make the dough more stable. Try putting all the butter and margarine you’re going to use for the cookies in the refrigerator. Wait for two hours, then use it for the dough.

Source: Cnnindonesia.com

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