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4 Vacation Spots in Kota Lama Semarang That Travel You Back In Time

Semarang is one of the 5 major cities in Indonesia. This city is a cultural heritage area where there are old and historic buildings from the Dutch East Indies that are hundreds of years old. That is so because, in the past, Kota Lama Semarang was the center of government during the Dutch East Indies. Here, travelers can find buildings with old European-style architecture characterized by large main doors and windows, decorative elements, and high ceilings. Here are 4 of the hot vacation spots you have to visit in Kota Lama Semarang.

4 Vacation Spots in Kota Lama Semarang

  1. Blenduk Church

Blenduk Church is one of the icons of Semarang’s Old Town. The uniqueness of this church is its hemispherical dome-shaped roof. The name blenduk refers to the shape of the church’s roof, which is taken from the Javanese mblenduk, meaning protruding or bubbling. Meanwhile, the original church name is GPIB Immanuel and it was built in 1753 by the Portuguese, making it 270 years old. The original building of Blenduk Church was simple, in the form of a Javanese stilt house. Later, this house of worship was rebuilt by the Dutch in a neoclassical style.

  1. Srigunting Park

Srigunting Park is located right on the east side of Blenduk Church. Tourists use Srigunting Park as a photo spot with the Blenduk Church in the background. Not many people know, however, that Srigunting Park was once an area used as a place for Dutch soldiers to march. The construction of the park began in 1970 to early 1980, however it was not open to the public yet. It was only in 2001 that Taman Srigunting became a green open space for the public.

  1. Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery

This contemporary art gallery occupies an old two-story building not far from Srigunting Park. The building was built in 1822, and used to be the residence of a priest who later changed functions.  Although the building has been renovated several times, it still retains its classic design. If you visit Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery, you can find a variety of artworks, ranging from paintings, sculptures, sketches and more.

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  1. Spiegel Bar and Bistro

The highlight of Spiegel Bar and Bistro is its classic European-style cafe building. It is located right in front of Srigunting Park and next to Blenduk Church. According to TribunNews, this building is estimated to be 124 years old. Before it’s being used as a cafe, this old building was abandoned, overgrown with wild plants, and many cracks in the walls. However, around 2013, the building was renovated and in 2015, the building was turned into a cafe called Spigel Bar and Bistro.

Source : TravelKompas

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