Here Are 5 Recommended Museums in Jakarta to Visit 

Museums are one of the tourist destinations that can provide interesting experiences. Museums can be an interesting choice for a weekend with loved ones. Likewise, Jakarta also has various museums to visit. You can choose from these museums for fun and education.. Here are 5 museums you can visit in Jakarta.

  1. Bank Indonesia Museum

Museum Bank Indonesia or also known as Museum BI is one of the museums that can be visited in Jakarta. It is located at Jembatan Batu Street No. 3, Pinangsia, Tamansari, West Jakarta. In this place, you can see an explanation of the 1998 monetary crisis more attractively through dioramas. The ticket is also quite cheap at only IDR 5,000 per person. For opening hours, the BI Museum is open Tuesday to Friday from 07:30-15:30 WIB and Saturday to Sunday from 08:00-16:00 WIB.

  1. Basoeki Abdullah Museum

Basoeki Abdullah was a maestro realist and naturalist painter. In this museum, there is a collection of his paintings, sculptures, masks, and puppets. This museum is located at Keuangan Raya Street Number 19, Cilandak, South Jakarta. Basoeki Abdullah Museum is closed on Mondays and national holidays. Ticket prices start from IDR 1,000 per person for groups and IDR 2,000 for individuals. Meanwhile, foreign visitors or tourists are required to pay Rp 10,000 per person.

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  1. Fatahillah Museum 

The next recommended Jakarta museum to visit is the Fatahillah Museum, also known as the Jakarta History Museum. It is located in the Kota Tua area, Taman Fatahillah Street Number 1, Tamansari, West Jakarta. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 09.00-15.00 WIB, the ticket is IDR 5,000 for adults and IDR 2,000 for children.

  1. Kebangkitan Nasional Museum

Kebangkitan Nasional Museum is located on Abdulrahman Saleh Street Number 26, Central Jakarta. This place used to be the STOVIA Medical School and is now a museum with a diverse collection of health and medical equipment. It opens from Tuesday to Thursday from 08.30-15.00 WIB, on Friday from 08.30-11.30 WIB, and Saturday to Sunday from 08.30-14.00 WIB. Ticket prices are IDR 2,000 for adults and IDR 1,000 for children.

  1. Macan Museum

Museum Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara or Museum Macan is the first museum in Indonesia to display modern and contemporary Indonesian and international works. Some of the works are collected by the museum’s founder, businessman Haryanto Adikoesoemo. Museum Macan is located at AKR Tower, Level M, Panjang street number 5, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-19:00 WIB. Ticket prices for the Tiger Museum vary from Rp 80,000 for children, Rp 90,000 for students, and Rp 100,000 for adults.

Those are some museums in Jakarta that are recommended to visit. Have a great trip!

Source: CNN Indonesia

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