Asobi Doumei Has Set Worldwide Streaming Records with ‘Daremo Karemo Dokomo Nanimo Shiranai’

Asobi Doumei song ‘Daremo Karemo Dokomo Nanimo Shiranai’, the ending theme to the popular anime series ‘TENGOKU-DAIMAKYO’ is available for listening on music streaming sites internationally starting April 8th. It seems Asobi Doumei has scored success not only in Japan but globally as well, with the song attaining feats such as getting into Spotify’s viral top 50 in Taiwan.

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With the release of the CD of this song on May 24, it is now available on music streaming services and as part of the mini album, which means it will be one to look forward to in the future. Asobi Doumei is a vocal group consisting of the male and female duo ‘RiMy’ and ‘TOKUMIX’. They have released many covers and original songs, especially on TikTok and YouTube, and are hugely popular with Gen Z.

‘TENGOKU-DAIMAKYO’ is a sci-fi adventure set in the future currently being serialized in Kodansha’s ‘Afternoon’ magazine, with the original manga by Masakazu Ishiguro (Famous for ‘And Yet the Town Moves’).

The series attracted attention soon after its initial serialization in 2018, topping the men’s edition of ‘Kono Manga ga Sugoi 2019’ (This Manga is Amazing!) in December soon after its first publication, a feat rare for a series still very young. The manga has since grown into a more popular series and has published 8 manga volumes. (Valium) The production of the anime series ‘TENGOKU-DAIMAKYO’ was spearheaded by ‘Production I.G., with the involvement of ‘PSYCHO-PASS’ who has worked on various well-known sci-fi series such as ‘GHOST IN THE SHELL’.

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