Bungou Stray Dogs’ 5th Season Debuts on July 12 in 2nd Promo Video

Bungou Stray Dogs’ fifth season will launch on July 12th, according to Kadokawa. A second promotional film for the anime is also being streamed by the firm.

Bungou Stray Dogs will air on Tokyo MX, Sun TV, and TV Aichi on July 12, and on BS11 and KBS Kyoto on July 13. The show will be available on the Anime Store beginning July 12. The opening theme song “Kurogane no Ori” (Iron Cell) will be performed by GRANRODEO, and the ending theme song “Kiseki” (Trails) will be performed by Luck Life.

The new season will be available on Crunchyroll when it airs. The fourth season of the anime debuted in Japan on January 4. Crunchyroll is broadcasting the anime as it aired in Japan, as well as an English dub.

Director Takuya Igarashi, series script supervisor and writer Yoji Enokido, character designer and chief animation director Nobuhiro Arai, and the animation studio BONES all returned for the fourth season. Yto Uemura (Atsushi Nakajima), Mamoru Miyano (Osamu Dazai), Sumire Morohoshi (Kyka Izumi), Kensho Ono (Rynosuke Akutagawa), and Kish Taniyama (Chya Nakahara) returned as well. The fifth season will have the same cast and crew.

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The manga and novel series are being published in English by Yen Press. The manga debuted in December 2012 in Kadokawa’s Young Ace magazine and is still running.

Source: animenewsnetwork.com


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