Barry Likumahuwa & The Rhythm Service Release Their Latest Single ’24 Moments’

Barry Likumahuwa & The Rhythm Service are back with their latest single ’24 Moments’. After previously releasing a single titled ‘Move On Up’ which tells the story of the importance of someone to be able to level up in life, the band is back with a new single about love stories.

The single ’24 Moments’ is still a signature groovy track with their upbeat style. Their latest single ’24 Moments’, Barry Likumahuwa & The Rhythm Service used a sample from local jazz artist DuaEmpat’s song ‘For A Moment’. Barry said the reason why the sampling method is used, because the method is a culture that has not been done much in Indonesia other than in the world of hip hop or rap. Hence, Barry felt challenged to make a song using a song sample.

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To work on this single, Barry Likumahuwa & The Rhythm Service was assisted by DJ Gamaliel from the FUTURE MARCHES group. In addition, there are also Farrel Hilal, Alvin Ghazalie, Misi Angelita as Composer, Dimas Pradipta as Producer as well as in the Mixing and Mastering process for this song. The song, which tells the story of someone’s love for their lover, also has something unique.

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