Rumor-Rumor Released Debut Single Entitled “Lampu Kota”

Rumor-Rumor released their debut single entitled “Lampu Kota”. This song tells the story of a woman who misses the feeling of being loved when the city is bathed in lights at night. This song itself has simple lyrics with a pop flow wrapped in a dance atmosphere.

This song is the result of the collaboration of all band members, with John and Arifa as lyricists. Arifa explained, “I’m not very good at writing Indonesian, in fact when I was invited to join this band I felt challenged and tried to write it straight from my heart. Because I have also experienced what I wrote there.”

This song was recorded and released independently by Rumor-Rumor and is expected to be a magic spell to start their journey in the local music scene.

Rumor-Rumor is a pop genre band wrapped in dance music nuances. This band comes from Jakarta which was founded in 2021 using astrological compatibility. The band members are Arifa Azizah, Kezia Panggabean, Johnyfrequency, Adhika Rudi (Keys), Alif Ezzam (Bass) and Nino Bukir (Percussion).

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