Tami Aulia Presents a Sweet Single Titled ‘Kamu Di Masa Depan’

Tami Aulia is back to start her sweet story in the music world with the single “Kamu Di Masa Depan”, a song written by Pika Iskandar, producer of the LOOP Music record label that houses Tami Aulia.

‘Kamu di Masa Depan’ is based on the experiences of the people around Pika Iskandar as a songwriter. The song tells the story of a woman with trust issues in love and trauma in the past. The woman wants in the future, she gets a love who understands and accepts her past because she is tired of looking for a lover because she is often hurt, so when she gets someone who is considered in line, she hopes that her lover will not just leave her. She wants to find love in the future that understands and accepts her past. 

In her new single, Tami feels that she has a new singing style, more flow, and also powerlessness but it does not reduce the essence of her singing style. If she usually emphasizes power when singing, then in the song ‘Kamu di Masa Depan’ Tami prioritizes taste and how she can sing while presenting the content of the song well. 

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When she first listened to the demo, Tami Aulia felt that the song was very similar to herself, who was always too lazy to open her heart and repeat everything from the beginning. During the recording of ‘Kamu Di Masa Depan’, Tami’s biggest obstacle was physical problems caused by her unfit body. Luckily, with the help of Nurul Rahayu Purnamasari or Kak Ayu as the voice director and other Loop Music producer friends, Tami was able to do everything smoothly and without any major obstacles.

Tami Aulia is very happy to be able to release her latest work ‘Kamu Di Masa Depan’. She is very grateful that Pika Iskandar trusted her to perform the song he wrote directly. “I’m really happy to be able to release a new work again, and very grateful for being trusted by Mas Pika to perform a song written directly by Mas Pika Iskandar. From the moment I was given the demo, I was immediately happy and wanted to be able to perform the song!”.

Tami hopes that the song ‘Kamu Di Masa Depan’ can be accepted and enjoyed by the public. She also hopes that after the release of ‘Kamu Di Masa Depan’, there will be more works that will follow and the process will be awaited by the listeners. (fleshbot.com)  

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