Agatha Pricilla Shows a Beautiful Repertoire of Love and Mother’s Advice in “Adriana”

Agatha Pricilla, a pop soloist, released her debut solo EP “Adriana” under the Sun Eater music label. This EP, which consists of five tracks, is Agatha Pricilla’s tribute to her loving and wise mother, Adriana.

Agatha said that initially the idea for this EP came from 2021, but after releasing the single “Space” in 2022, where the song was inspired by her mother, there was a greater desire to make this record in the form of a kind of repertoire containing her advice. Agatha added that she owed her mother a great debt, and felt that her advice should be framed, which is why this EP exists.

Most of the songs on this EP had been written three years earlier; therefore, Agatha only needed to add two songs to complete the “Adriana” EP. Agatha feels that now is the right moment to release “Adriana” because the narrative formed in this recording is very coherent and represents what she wants to convey. 

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“Adriana” shows a deep message that goes beyond Agatha Pricilla’s personal perspective. This EP is a reminder that anyone can have their own Adriana. Agatha said that Adriana’s figure doesn’t have to be a mother figure, but can also be a friend, sibling, partner, or anyone with a very beautiful relationship. Through this EP, he also wants to remind everyone not to lose himself, and to utilize the wisdom obtained from our own ‘Adriana’ figure.

Salmaa Chetizsa adds various beautiful but straightforward allusions to every song lyric on this EP. Lafa Pratomo, as the visionary producer also expertly gives life to each song in “Adriana” by composing and selecting chords that suit the uniqueness of Agatha Pricilla. Lafa gave Agatha the freedom to explore her singing style which sounds like “Agatha Pricilla”. Apart from that, Rayhan Noor has also added an alluring element to this EP. (Ativan)

“Adriana” shows a picture of how our relationships with the people we care about can have a profound impact on our lives. With a harmonious blend of pop, soul and R&B, the record forms an enchanting sonic landscape that leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul. Accompanied by Agatha Pricilla’s soft vocals, it resonates deeply and becomes a place for various emotions and stories to get to know yourself deeper.

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