Eclat Releases ‘Dunia Maya’ for LDR Couples

Eclat, a pop band from Jakarta is back with their latest original song ‘Dunia Maya’. This song has a special meaning for couples who are in a long-distance relationship (LDR).

Yeshua Abraham, one of the members, explains that ‘Dunia Maya’ tells the story of an LDR couple sharing love and communication through social media. “The message is simple. As close as we are to our LDR partner, meeting in the real world will make the heart feel like meeting for the first time and it doesn’t want to be LDR anymore,” he said in a press release, Wednesday, May 24, 2023. 

The song was created by Yeshua Abraham Santoso and Louis Xander Liang. Petra Sihombing was chosen as the producer of this pop song. 

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Meanwhile, the Official Clip of ‘Dunia Maya’ is out on Eclat Story’s YouTube channel on the same day. For the production, they entrusted the creative concept to the team, including director Stephany Azali. The video shows the POV of a man and his behavior when he is in love but apart from his partner.

“You can see our adorable behavior in this MV. This visualizer is 100% made in portrait format, so you can enjoy it easily from your phone,” said Yosua Gunawan.

Eclat hopes that their latest song can be accepted by all listeners. They want their listeners to understand and appreciate the togetherness that is currently being experienced in the real world.

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