Dbatlayar Celebrates 3 Years Of Works with “Sabar Di Jalan”

Dbatlayar, a brothers pop music duo consisting of Dave Batlayar and Joy Batlayar, closed the month of May in 2023 with “SABAR di JALAN”. This special edition of the SABAR (Senin Santai Bareng Dbatlayar) program celebrates 3 years of work with Sobat Layar. Collaborating with HOLEO Museum, this event lasted for approximately 3 hours by performing 16 songs as well as leaking some new material that will be released in the future.

Presenting the concept of hangout and togetherness with all who came, Dave and Joy not only invited people who came to just enjoy their performance. They also gave the experience of playing mini golf together in various unique spots in Holeo and taking pictures. 

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Dave and Joy also did not only perform their songs such as “Terpendam”, “Terimalah” and their latest single “Tertunda.” Dbatlayar also actively interacted with the audience and sang along with various other songs performed in their style. The atmosphere was lively, full of singing along with around 104 people who were present to watch their performance.

Joy Batlayar hopes that “SABAR di jalan” can be present to provide warmth, joy, and entertainment for friends who attend, and hopefully this event can also be a means for dbatlayar to meet directly with friends and get to know them more intimately. Hopefully, the “SABAR on the road” program will not only stop at vol 1 but can continue to exist and be felt by a wider community.

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