Dbatlayar Exciting Month of Musical Performances in April 2023

Dbatlayar, the brother and sister pop jazz music duo, had a busy and exciting month in April 2023. They engaged in a variety of musical activities that included a gig and live digital performances. Their first performance was a live activity on Tiktok platform named “MUSIC 4 U” together with HIVI! which took place in early April.

During Ramadan, Dave and Joy presented their weekly routine content called SABAR, which featured a special edition of waiting for breaking the fast during ngabuburit every Monday at 16.00 WIB. They aimed to provide entertainment and bring people together through their music during that holy month.

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Apart from their Ramadan activities, Dbatlayar also presented a special content on Kartini Day on April 21, 2023. Dave and Joy invited their parents to join them in a jamming session, where they sang and performed together as a family. The performance brought warmth and showcased the importance of family in the duo’s life.

Through their various activities in April 2023, Dave and Joy hoped to bring warmth and positivity to their fans and the Indonesian music industry. They aimed to make an impact through their music and to create a community that appreciates good music. They hoped to inspire other musicians to push boundaries and create unique content.

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