WYAT Presents Their Debut Album: We’ve Just Arrived

WYAT, an electronic-pop band from Solo, released their debut album: We’ve Just Arrived. The title is taken from WYAT’s journey which has been a career for 4 years and in this fourth year they managed to make their first album.

There are about 10 tracks in this album. Among these tracks, 4 of them have been released beforehand while the other 7 have been performed live even though they have not been officially released.

The bassist, Danis, said that the tracks on this album tell about life. There are songs about love, mental health, feeling tired after work, and others. One of the interesting facts is that there are 2 tracks in Indonesian in this album; ‘Hanya Manusia’ and ‘Kosong’, which are a challenge for WYAT because they are used to making songs in English.

During the process of making this album, there were many interesting things that happened. One of them was when they didn’t expect them to make a song: Collide. This song tells about someone who just ended a relationship because one of them gave in to feeling tired. WYAT feels that this song is very relatable to young people.

Before releasing their debut album, 3 singles had been released beforehand as a bridge to the album, namely: ‘Live By’, ‘Heartbeat’, and ‘Kosong’. WYAT also did not forget to thank everyone, one of them was the 99.60 project, which had helped them in making this album.

WYAT hopes that this album can represent the mood and feelings of the listeners. WYAT also hopes that more people will know about them through this album. 

WYATT is an electronic-pop band from Solo which consists of 3 members: Abdul (vocalist), Danis (bassist and guitarist), and Adil (synthesizer). The band started their journey in the music industry in 2020 with the single ‘Tear Gas’.

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