Paul Partohap Finds Sense of Belonging in “Home Is Who You Are”

Paul Partohap in mid-2023 is ready to release many songs for lovers of his works. It is still being co-produced with Arseri Music and now Warner Music Indonesia is also participating in supporting Paul Partohap’s work with a song entitled ‘HOME IS WHO YOU ARE’. (  

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This song tells about how Paul Partohap defines the true meaning of home. This song is Paul’s expression of celebrating the feeling of finding a sense of belonging within himself. Paul explained that he wanted to portray that home is not only about the building, but also about people, relationships, memories that make a place or moment feel like home. In this song, the melody that he composed using guitar and keys hopefully can support the emotion that exists in the lyrics which he also wrote himself.

Paul also added that if people listen to the hook for this song, there will technically be a drop B3 with reserved hats to give a throwback feeling, memories, memories like that. He also wrote the lyrics so that they resonate with anyone who has experienced feelings of being lost or disconnected, but in the end, has found comfort in the company of loved ones. 

Paul Partohap’s ‘HOME IS WHO YOU ARE’ is already out on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Resso, Joox, and other digital streaming platforms. 

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