Asti Fajriani Shows An Emotional Honor to Late Mother in “Reminiscence” Album

Asti Fajriani, a composer and pianist, announces the release of her upcoming piano instrumental album “Reminiscence.” The album has 3 original tracks, and the track “Reminiscence” honors the artist’s late mother, who passed away when Asti was just 3 years old. (Smart Drug)

“Reminiscence” depicts Asti Fajriani‘s desperate attempt to recall memories with her mother, whom she can hardly remember and who is filled with a profound sense of emptiness and longing. The captivating melodies and melancholy conversation between piano and solo cello take the listener on a journey through the artist’s emotions as she seeks to connect with a lost loved one.

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The album’s release coincided with Eid al-Fitr, a week of contemplation and remembering, and is intended as a tribute to her mother. Asti Fajriani hopes that “Reminiscence”, with its emotional and contemplative tone, will bring consolation and solace to others who are also grieving and trying to remember loved ones. 

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