Russia’s Sberbank Launched Gigachat, a ChatGPT Competitor

Sberbank of Russia unveils Gigachat, the country’s largest lender, which has launched an AI tool to compete with Google’s Bard and Microsoft-backed ChatGPT. It is presently testing its multimodal neural network technology on an invite-only basis. The company claimed that the model could create texts and pictures based on descriptions inside a single context, hold a conversation, write program code to create software, and answer customer enquiries.

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According to Sberbank, what distinguishes GigaChat from its competitors is its greater ability to talk intelligently in Russian than other foreign neural networks. This is especially important in a country like Russia, where a sizable portion of the population prefers to communicate in Russian.

Sberbank’s embrace of AI technology is part of the bank’s bigger aim to reduce Russia’s reliance on imports. This approach has become even more critical as a result of Western sanctions imposed on Russia for its conduct in Ukraine. The bank expects GigaChat to promote innovation and revolutionize how people operate and conduct business in Russia as a result of recent large technological investments. ( The release of GigaChat follows the spectacular success of ChatGPT and is seen by analysts as the most recent move in the US-Russia technical rivalry.

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