Vali Portrays Insecurity Through Catchy Beat in ‘Could It Be Enough?’

Questioning life decisions and feeling like nothing is good enough is something that many people experience. That’s what Indonesian newcomer male singer Novalias Bari or who introduces himself as Vali feels. With his debut single titled ‘Could It Be Enough?’, Vali greets the country’s music lovers while trying to express his heart. 

‘Could It Be Enough’, said Vali, tells the story of someone who is never satisfied with what he has achieved. “Oftentimes, even though we have achieved what we want to achieve, we still feel that we are a loser,” said the singer who started his journey in the art industry in 2018. 

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“That eventually makes us doubt what we can do and makes us overthink everything. I believe that’s what most people experience,” he continued.  In producing the song, Vali co-wrote the song with Nasya Citrawiryan and was produced by Farrel Cahyono and Dikola, while the mixing and mastering process was handled by Matthew Mamahani. 

“Through this song, I hope to be able to tell a slice of my life through the songs that I create,” added Vali. “And I also hope that this song can also relate to the people who hear it”. Vali released the single ‘Can It Be Enough?’ with a fun and bright feel, complete with a dancey beat that not only connects with the lyrics, but also while listening to the song, music lovers can dance. The single can already be heard on all digital streaming platforms.

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