Kaneishia Yusuf Collaborates With Hanif Andarevi For ‘Dalam Jagamu’

Kaneishia Yusuf and Hanif Andarevi released ‘Dalam Jagamu’. MD Musik Indonesia’s collaboration song ‘Dalam Jagamu’ with Trinity Optima Production will be the soundtrack of MD Entertainment’s latest series “Princess and The Boss”. Along with the release of the song, the official music video of the song will also be officially released. 

The romantic pop genre song was written by Dai Ramadhani (vocalist of the band Rebulsuns) and produced by Dimas Wibisana and Bianca Nelwan. It tells the story of two people who explore life according to their desires and eventually meet. Both of them look after and protect each other to overcome all the trials they face. During their journey, they get to know each other better, making them feel safe and comfortable when in their care.

Presenting a sweet look is the main nuance chosen by Dorothy Kezia (VSLZM), the director of the official music video ‘Dalam Jagamu’. Reflecting on the “Princess and The Boss” series. Kaneishia Yusuf and Hanif Andarevi, who are duets for the first time, expressed their gratitude and pleasure to be able to work together. This opportunity is certainly an extraordinary moment for them because they can be trusted to fill the soundtrack of the series starring Syifa Hadju and Rizky Nazar.

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Dorothy Kezia also displayed some works that are in line with the series. Such as the background shots similar to Beaucity’s office and Naraka’s (Rizky Nazar) cafe, which became iconic locations in the series. Not to forget, the official music video for ‘Dalam Jagamu’ also features several scenes of Keira (Syifa Hadju) and Naraka (Rizky Nazar) from the series “Princess and the Boss” to make it a perfect unity. 

“Princess and the Boss,” tells the story of a girl named Keira (Syifa Hadju) who wants to be a successful beauty influencer. She starts her career by making video reviews for the Beaucity cosmetic brand owned by Naraka’s (Rizky Nazar) family. Unfortunately, the video adversely affects her father’s business relationship with the cosmetic brand Titan Wijaya. Keira is then asked to repair the relationship between the two companies.  Keira is shocked to learn that the leader of Beaucity is Naraka Kusuma, the man she hates the most. 

For more details, “Princess and the Boss” will air exclusively on Max Stream on the same date. Likewise, ‘Dalam Jagamu’ can be heard on various digital streaming platforms. 

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